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Want to make the change to solar power? Go Green Energy offers some of the best price deals for solar panels in Cairns for homes and businesses. If you’d like to minimise your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint, a solar system is a great investment. Not only will you be able to use sustainable energy but gain long-term savings and a full return on your investment. With over 20 years of experience, Go Green Energy supplies solar panels, inverters and batteries from leading manufacturers to give you the best results possible. If you’re thinking about switching to solar, call our solar experts today to advise you on the best option for your property. We can plan and install a tailored solar system and battery solution to suit your exact energy needs

Why Choose Go Green Energy For Your Solar Power

At Go Green Energy, we offer high-quality solar panels in Cairns for residential and commercial users. The following are just a few reasons why we remain the top choice for your local solar provider:

  • 20+ years of experience
  • New solar installations, repairs and maintenance
  • Top quality solar manufacturers with warranty
  • ROI calculation and accurate quote
  • Residential, commercial and industrial solar experts
  • Australian owned solar company
  • CEC Accredited Solar Installers
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Our Range Of Solar Panel And Battery Services

When you’re searching for the best solar panels in Cairns, Go Green Energy can give you high-quality solar installation, repair and maintenance services. We offer ongoing support for any upkeep, modifications and performance monitoring. Furthermore, if you’re looking for the most comprehensive service provider of solar in residential and commercial settings, we understand how important it is to meet your specific needs. We can plan, custom design and complete the perfect solar installation to help you reach your savings goals.
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Commercial Solar

A commercial solar system will help your business gain significant savings in energy costs and increase efficiency. Better yet, it’s an investment that will pay itself off in a few years’ time while giving you long-term returns. Complete with after-sales support and warranties, Go Green Energy only supplies high-quality solar panels, inverters, batteries and parts to give you the best results for your business.

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Home Solar Battery

A solar battery storage solution will give you a good flow of electricity while minimising the cost of your energy bills. It’s a useful supply of power when you need more electricity during nighttime hours, or on days where your solar panel cannot generate enough energy from a lack of sunlight. We have a wide range of solar battery options and can advise you on the most suitable unit compatible to your system.


Call Go Green Energy To Book Your Installation

When you’re looking for solar power in Cairns, Go Green Energy is the most reputable local solar company for residential and commercial clients. Our CEC accredited solar installers deliver a robust, safe and lasting solar system and battery storage solution. Book a free consultation today to begin planning your installation. We provide a competitive quote for all our customers so you can make the most informed decision on your investment.

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