Solar Government Rebates

When you’re living in Cairns, Queensland or its surrounding areas, there’s really a no better place than the Sunshine State to make the switch to solar to earn your monocrystalline solar panels rebate. The solar government rebate is a financial scheme to incentivise people to turn to renewable energy for their homes or business. When you want to reduce your carbon footprint and energy costs, they’re benefits you can earn to make this transition easier and more affordable. If you’re wondering whether solar is worth it, then solar government rebates can help you offset the initial cost of your investment and give you better returns in the long run. To find out more on how you can benefit from a solar scheme sponsored installation, book a free consultation with CEC accredited installers from Go Green Energy.

How Much Are Solar Government Rebates Worth

Over 1 in 3 homes in Queensland have a solar system installed, marking the territory as one of the most popular state-wide use of solar in Australia. This popularity is supported by the solar panel rebate, or financial incentive, which is issued in the form of Small-scale Technology Certificates. Commonly referred to as STCs, each STC carries a value that generally fluctuates between $34-40. They work as tradable certificates that allow the rights of an asset or product to be transferred, and they can be purchased, sold or traded.

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How Solar Government Rebates Offset Initial Costs

STCs are federal-issued financial schemes you can get when you purchase your system with a certified solar installer. They can help you reduce the cost of solar and make it easier to get a faster return on your investment. When it comes to your initial purchase, you’ll be able to receive rebates for solar technology installed on your property. This is calculated against your purchasing costs, giving you additional savings so you can pay a better price. Investing in a new solar system has never been easier or more affordable than with Go Green Energy.
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Get The Most Out Of Your Solar Panel Rebate In Cairns

Are you a Cairns homeowner or business owner looking to change to solar power? If you’re wondering how you can make the most of your solar power rebates in Cairns, Go Green Energy can help you get the most suitable PV system installation for your property. This way, you’ll have optimal efficiency rates so you can enjoy the highest amount of solar system rebate. With an average of 7+ hours of sunlight per day and a total of 2792 hours of sunlight per year, many homeowners and businesses have taken to using solar panels for their source of power. With this wide scale implementation of solar panels across residential and commercial users, you can expect this trend to continue to rise in the upcoming years due to the cost reduction of renewable energy. The major benefits of solar incentives are only boosted by the daylight hours of Cairns. This makes investing in a new solar system more appealing than ever. Get started today by planning your installation with Go Green Energy. We can help you find the perfect solar kit to meet your electrical needs.

How Much You Can Save With Solar Rebates In Cairns

Our team at Go Green Energy can advise you on the benefits and costs of solar. When you purchase a system with us, your solar electricity rebate will give you a significant discount off your original price. The cost of purchasing and installing a new solar PV system can vary anywhere from $3,900 to $9,400. In general, systems smaller than 3kw may cost less than $3,000, and anything larger than 4kW will cost upwards of $4,000.

However, with the high rating for each kWh, solar is cheaper in Queensland than in most states and territories. Furthermore, the solar energy rebates create significant savings on the cost of solar for new users. For example, a typical 5kW unit may receive 89 STCs, which is worth about $3,500 and can be claimed directly on purchase. This means that a 6kW solar system that would cost $6,100 initially can be discounted up to 60% of its original sale price.

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Get Maximum Rebate With CEC Accredited Installers

You will only be able to claim your STCs when your solar system is installed by a Clean Energy Council (CEC) accredited installer. As your leading CEC certified solar company, Go Green Energy can supply you with a tailored solar system and energy storage solution to suit your exact power needs while meeting Australian standards. We can organise this entire process for you and complete your installation quickly and efficiently. Book us today for a free consultation and on-site assessment for your installation.

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