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With its sunny weather and long days, Cairns is the perfect location to take advantage of solar energy storage. If you’re considering making the jump to a more sustainable energy solution, our CEC accredited Solar Cairns team can make it happen. With more than two decades of experience, Go Green Energy have helped homes and businesses throughout Cairns install solar energy storage batteries. We can plan and install a comprehensive solar power storage solution and ensure you get incredible results. Book a free consultation today and discuss your needs with the team at Go Green Energy.

Why Choose Us For Solar Battery Installation In Cairns?

  • We do new solar energy storage and solar power battery installations in Cairns
  • Residential, industrial and commercial solar energy storage solutions
  • 20+ years experience in solar supply and installation 
  • High-quality solar products from leading manufacturers
  • Locally owned and operated 
  • CEC Accredited Solar Installers
solar power battery storage

Why Get a Solar Power Battery?

While disconnecting from the grid entirely may not be worth the cost at this stage, Solar Power Batteries are an excellent solution for maintaining a smooth and consistent supply of power to your home or business. If your power drops out frequently, these solar batteries can ensure the flow of electricity is consistent, day or night, as long as you have power stored. They can also offset your power consumption at night for further reductions to your power bill. Call us today and our team can help you work out whether solar power storage is right for your needs.

Our Solar Power Batteries Installation Process

To make sure you get the best possible results, we follow a set installation process that covers every aspect of solar energy storage in Cairns.

1. All our jobs start with a free phone consultation. Here’s where we’ll discuss your needs and find out your current situation, such as whether you have solar panels installed already. Then, we’ll schedule a time for one of our solar experts to carry out an assessment of your location to provide you with an accurate quote.

2. Once we’ve booked your assessment, one of our Cairns solar energy experts will arrive on time to assess your needs. We evaluate all the factors that could limit the effectiveness of your solar storage, from your energy usage, the amount of power any solar panels produce, how much sunlight you get and more. If you have any questions about solar batteries, we can answer them as well. All this information helps us provide you with a competitive and accurate quote for installation.

3. Next, we’ll put together a Solar Energy Storage Proposal. This is a comprehensive document that includes everything you need to know about getting a solar energy storage solution for your property. It includes an installation layout, efficiency estimates, and an accurate quote for installation. If you’re getting solar panels installed as well, it will also include expected returns and estimated energy generation.
4. If you decide to accept the quote for the system, we will be in touch to arrange an installation time that is convenient for you. Our CEC accredited installers will arrive on time and ready to go. Once the installation is complete, we’ll guide you through how it works and how to monitor how much energy is stored.

Our Solar Energy Storage Services

We offer a range of solar energy storage services for homes and businesses in Cairns. Our services include:
solar system installation

Solar System Installation

Go Green Energy can plan and install solar power systems for homes and businesses. For years we've been providing local homes and businesses in Cairns with comprehensive solar systems. Discuss your needs with our team today and we'll work out exactly what kind of system will best fit your needs.

solar energy storage installation

Solar Energy Storage Installation

Our solar storage solutions include everything you need to store and use solar energy. Whether you're aiming to further reduce your reliance on the grid or simply trying to secure consistent power for your home or business, our systems will deliver the results you're looking for.

commercial solar panels in cairns

Commercial Solar Panels in Cairns

We also offer solar power solutions for businesses in Cairns. If you have specialised power needs our team can create a solution that delivers the power you need to run your business. Reduce your power bills, meet your sustainability goals and discover the difference solar power can make for your business! Contact us today for more information.

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High-Quality Solar Parts

We use exclusively high-quality products to ensure you get the best possible results. All our solar power batteries, solar panels, swimming pool heaters and inverters come with comprehensive installation warranties to give you peace of mind for years to come. It also means our solar powered batteries can stand up to the test of time, delivering thousands of charge cycles, supporting heavy discharging, and ensuring they can stand up to the hot Cairns weather. Our systems are safer, more reliable, and deliver better results. They also come with a manufacturer warranty for peace of mind.

So if you’re searching for a solar solution that will deliver solar power for years to come, Go Green Energy is for you.

Book Your Free Solar Consultation Today

Call our solar experts and put yourself on the path to a more sustainable future today! Book a free solar consultation and we’ll show you how solar energy battery storage can benefit you.

Frequently Asked Questions

A solar battery is a way to store the energy generated by solar panels, enabling you to take advantage of the power even when direct sunlight isn’t available. Most solar batteries are lithium-ion and their capacity ranges from 5kWh to 20kWh depending on your requirements. Solar batteries are connected to the existing solar system, allowing excess power to be stored in the battery for later use or sent back into the grid.

With its plentiful sunshine, Australia is the perfect place to generate abundant solar energy. To capitalise on those rays and maximise electricity production, though, it is important to take a few preliminary steps. Analyse any shade that may come from surrounding trees or assess your home’s orientation in order to make an informed decision about where best to install those panels for optimal results.

Are you ready to begin a rewarding journey towards an even brighter future? Book a meeting with us, and we’ll be there in no time, ready to assess all the factors necessary for determining if solar power is the perfect solution for you. We’ll look at roofing material, electricity bills, or anything else related that could affect this decision. Our evaluation process guarantees that home solar energy will meet your needs! Make sure you invest wisely by trusting our experienced team now!

Are you considering investing in renewable energy solutions? Then GO Green Energy is the perfect resource! Our solar panel systems are designed with top-notch parts and components from leading manufacturers, guaranteeing up to thirty years of dependable performance. Plus, our ten-year warranty gives you assurance for your investment. Make a knowledgeable choice today towards sustainable power and start enjoying savings tomorrow!
Are you ready to switch to solar energy? The Australian Government is here for you with a range of financial incentives! You may be eligible for discounts on your initial installation costs, or even receive feed-in tariffs when producing surplus electricity. Act now and get in touch with your local government – find out which plans are available and take advantage of this amazing opportunity today!
Don’t wait any longer to experience the rewards of investing in solar energy with Go Green Energy! Our accredited and certified team of installers, guaranteed by the Clean Energy Council, guarantee a precise assessment and tailored quote for your individual needs. With a guaranteed efficient set up that will last you for years – seize this chance today to make the smart move towards renewable energy sources!
Installing solar panels on your home or business can bring many benefits, including:
  • financial savings on electricity bills
  • reducing your carbon footprint and helping to combat climate change
  • reducing reliance on fossil fuels
  • access to feed-in tariffs and government rebates
  • potential increases in property value

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