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Ready to invest in a new solar system for your home or business but worried about your costs? At Go Green Energy, we can give you upfront solar quotes for your peace of mind. We’ll assemble a detailed report of your proposed solar system. This will give you an in-depth understanding of your installation plan, projected returns, proposed layout and your solar quotation. Talk to our solar experts today. We can organise and install a solar system and battery storage solution to ensure your power solar needs are met.

Our Solar Quotation Process At Go Green Energy

When you need a new solar system or battery installed, we have a set process to help you get your solar quote as soon as possible.
It starts with your initial call. We can walk you through your options and explain key differences between products so you can see how they may benefit your home or business. We’ll schedule an in-person visit to your property so we can assess everything we need to give you an accurate solar power quote.
We’ll perform an on-site assessment to inspect any factors that may affect the effectiveness of your solar installation. We’ll look at the size and condition of your installation site, your current electricity consumption, and just about everything else that may reduce the efficiency of the recommended system.
We’ll put together a solar proposal based on the findings from your on-site assessment. This is a detailed report containing your proposed installation layout, a performance estimation, expected returns, your solar quote and other points of consideration. This way, you’ll have all the information you need before committing to the cost of your solar installation.

Once you’ve accepted your monocrystalline solar panel quotes online, we will organise your installation. We’ll install your solar panels at a time and date that suits you to minimise downtime and prevent disruption. When your installation is complete, we’ll show you how to use your system and best monitor its performance so you can make the most of your solar returns.

Our Range Of Solar System And Battery Storage Solutions

Go Green Energy offers solar installations, repairs and maintenance. Not only that, we also offer after-sales service and ongoing support. From performance monitoring to any modifications and general upkeep you may need, we always provide excellent customer service and affordable pricing. The following are some major areas of work we regularly take on:
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Commercial Solar Systems

We provide solar for homeowners and commercial businesses. We’re capable of creating tailored solar systems suitable for properties of any scale. A solar system can give you thousands of dollars in savings over time, making it a beneficial investment for many businesses in reducing their energy costs. Additionally, it also minimises your carbon footprint and would be a great way to promote sustainability for your brand

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Solar Battery Storage

A solar battery can give you a reliable source of power on days where there’s little to no sunshine. Instead of returning your surplus power to the grid, it charges and stores a backup supply in your battery so you won’t have to worry about nighttime hours or increased consumption during colder, cloudier months. If you’d like a cheaper energy bill while maintaining a consistent flow of electricity, a solar battery would be a great addition to your panels.

Why Choose Go Green Energy As Your Solar Installer

  • 20+ years of experience
  • New solar installations, repairs and maintenance
  • Top quality solar manufacturers with warranty
  • ROI calculation and accurate quote
  • Residential, commercial and industrial solar experts
  • Australian owned solar company
  • CEC Accredited Solar Installers
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Get Your Solar Panel Quote Online Today With Go Green Energy

Discuss your needs with Go Green Energy today. We’ve installed a wide range of solar systems and solar batteries from leading manufacturers. We can provide you with the best energy-saving solution for your home or business. Are you ready to make the switch to solar? Our in-house solar experts can help you choose the right solar panel and battery system to meet your exact power needs and savings goals. Book a free consultation with our solar installers and get your solar quotes online.

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