Our Electricians here at Go Green Energy have a solid commitment to our customers. With a wide variety of knowledge and all the tools to get the job done correctly, their jobs are to plan, install, and maintain all electrical wiring systems. We have a firm commitment to energy-saving solutions, identifying the sources of high energy consumption and providing the solutions to reduce your electricity bill.

Go Green Energy is not just an expert in energy saving. We also have years of experience in most electrical fields. Whether it be new installs, repairs or maintenance at home or in your place of business, we have the expertise to complete the job in a competent and timely manner.

comprehensive energy saving

Battery storage systems are to hold the remaining unconsumed power the solar system may have produced. Rather than exporting the power back to the electricity grid, the power can be stored and used later. We believe all Cairns homes would significantly benefit from a battery storage system installed alongside their solar systems.

Whether you are looking for total independence with reliable energy 24/7 or just to reduce your energy bill, installing battery storage in conjunction with your solar system is now more than ever a practical and more affordable way to meet your needs. Choose from our range of high quality battery storage solutions and take control of your energy today.

Solar energy is generated by the sun, and harnessed through solar panels. Our Cairns solar systems we have installed are the most efficient and reliable renewable energy solutions currently on the market today. 

FREE quote, LOCAL knowledge, and energy SAVINGS guaranteed!

When you choose GO Green Energy to supply and install your Solar System, know you are in the safest hands. We use only the top quality equipment from the industries leading manufactures. Backed with a 10 years of manufacture warranty,

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